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Raúl Torrez

Attorney General New Mexico Democrat
Open Seat2022
Raúl Torrez has spent nearly two decades fighting to make America a safer place for all. Torrez has deep experience in government—from assistant Attorney General, assistant US Attorney, and senior advisor in President Obama’s Department of Justice to his current role as Bernalillo County District Attorney. He has been a fervent advocate for gun violence prevention through it all, earning him a reputation as a public safety champion. As New Mexico’s Chief Law Enforcement officer he would continue his tireless work for a safer New Mexico. 

As Bernalillo County District Attorney, Torrez has always been a staunch advocate for commonsense solutions in New Mexico. Torrez has repeatedly gone to the State Legislature to advocate for lifesaving legislation including universal background checks and extreme risk protection orders. He supports the Second Amendment and understands the importance of responsible gun ownership which has led him to push for safe storage laws. Torrez was also the first prosecutor in the country to sue a heavily armed, extremist, right-wing militia for using weapons to stifle free speech. District Attorney Torrez also has deep ties to the community, partnering with New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence, Prosecutors Against Gun Violence, and the New Mexico Coalition for Common Sense. 

With gun violence rising nationwide, it’s more important than ever to elect gun safety champions who will enforce existing laws and keep communities safe. As Attorney General, Torrez will bring his experience and commitment as a gun violence prevention champion to protect all New Mexicans from the gun violence epidemic. We know he will always be a steadfast advocate for stronger gun laws and public safety.

We are proud to endorse Raúl Torrez for Attorney General of New Mexico.