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Rob Bonta

Attorney General California Democrat
Throughout his career, Attorney General Rob Bonta has been a leader in the fight against gun violence and has championed numerous policies that save lives and bolster public safety. As the son of civil and labor rights activists, Attorney General Bonta knew from a young age that he wanted to dedicate his life to serving others, with a special focus on those who have suffered injustice. Prior to serving as attorney general, he was a consistent advocate for commonsense gun safety reforms in the California State Assembly, where he was particularly supportive of effective public health-based responses to combat this country’s epidemic of gun violence. 

Since he was appointed to the position of attorney general in 2021, Attorney General Bonta has made gun violence prevention a top priority and has taken numerous steps to fulfill his promise to be an “attorney for the people.” He has promoted transparency and effective gun violence research, and has strongly championed legislation that would ensure victims harmed by gun industry misconduct can seek accountability and justice in the courts. Attorney General Bonta has worked through the courts and the legislature to address the threat of illegal ghost guns, and has prioritized efforts to curb gun trafficking and recover illegally owned guns through California’s Armed and Prohibited Persons System program. When the gun lobby launched unmerited attacks on California’s strong gun laws, Attorney General Bonta stepped up and successfully defended them. He has continued to elevate the critical role of frontline violence intervention workers in breaking cycles of violence, and he has proven time and again to be a champion for gun safety reforms that will make all Californians safer from gun violence. 

With rates of gun violence on the rise throughout the country, we need leaders that will fight to protect our communities and work to create lasting, meaningful change. Attorney General Rob Bonta is one of those leaders, and Californians must reelect him in November so he can continue his impactful work to build a safer state for present and future generations. 

We are proud to endorse Rob Bonta for Attorney General of California.


The gun safety movement is on the march: Americans from different background are united in standing up for safer schools and communities. Join us to make your voice heard and power our next wave of victories.