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Theresa Greenfield

US Senate Iowa Democrat
Theresa Greenfield is running for the United States Senate in Iowa to continue a career in service to Iowans. Born and raised by small-town farmers, Theresa learned from a young age the value of building strong community bonds and protecting the most vulnerable among us. After working multiple jobs to finance her college education, she became an urban planner and then a leader in real estate development, working to support local residents.

Theresa’s advocacy for stronger gun laws comes from a lifetime of experience. As a responsible gun owner herself who grew up around hunting and shooting, Theresa understands the importance of legislation such as universal background checks. With a son in the army, Theresa also knows that certain weapons that are used on a battlefield should never be used at home. Her opponent, NRA A-rated incumbent Joni Ernst, has consistently voted against gun safety measures, including a provision that would prevent convicted stalkers and domestic abusers from obtaining guns. When Theresa is elected this fall, the Senate will be one seat closer to passing critical and long-overdue gun safety legislation.

We are proud to endorse Theresa Greenfield for the US Senate in 2020.


The gun safety movement is on the march: Americans from different background are united in standing up for safer schools and communities. Join us to make your voice heard and power our next wave of victories.