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Lucy McBath

US House Georgia - 6th District Democrat



About Lucy McBath

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Lucy McBath is a businesswoman, activist, wife, and mother who was personally touched by gun violence in 2012 when she lost her teenage son, Jordan Davis, after he was shot and killed at a gas station by someone who objected to the music he was playing in his car. After losing her son, Lucy became a vocal advocate for gun violence prevention. She has traveled across the country to demand common sense gun reform, speaking with lawmakers and grassroots organizers to hold lawmakers accountable and help enact common sense gun laws. We support Lucy’s call for gun safety reforms, like universal background checks, raising the minimum age to purchase a gun to 21 years old, and keeping guns out of the hands of convicted domestic abusers. We’re proud to stand alongside Lucy and work to make Georgia a safer and stronger community for all.

Help us elect Lucy to represent Georgia’s 6th District in Congress.