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Giffords Expert

Brittany Nieto

Program Manager, GIFFORDS Center for Violence Intervention
Brittany is the program manager at GIFFORDS Center for Violence Intervention. She works to inform the public and policymakers about the most effective community-led approaches to reducing gun violence. Her data analysis, secondary research, and work with community partners and national experts informs Giffords Center for Violence Intervention’s publications, policy, and advocacy. 

Since joining the organization in 2016, Brittany has contributed to several reports on subjects ranging from leveraging federal grant programs to support community violence intervention to exploring diversion for nonviolent gun offenses. She is the co-author of A Case Study in Hope: Lessons from Oakland’s Remarkable Reduction in Gun Violence, which has been cited by numerous media outlets, lawmakers at the local, state, and federal level, and a multitude of national organizations focused social and racial justice. She also provides coordination and organizing support to the GIFFORDS-led California Violence Intervention and Prevention (CalVIP) Coalition. 

Brittany is an advocate for social, economic, and racial justice with a background in operations, marketing, research, organizing, and advocacy. Prior to joining GIFFORDS, she worked across a range of progressive causes, from the affordability of higher education to LGBTQ+ rights. Brittany holds a BA in politics from the University of California, Santa Cruz.


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