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Giffords Expert

Eric Lundy

Deputy Engagement Director, Giffords Expertise:  Gun Owners, Politics, Veterans
Eric Lundy joined Giffords in 2020 as the organization’s deputy engagement director, where he works to ensure that the voices of survivors, gun owners, members of law enforcement, and others are at the forefront of conversations about gun violence. A native of North Carolina, Eric has firsthand knowledge of the toll that gun violence can take on Americans, as he is a survivor himself after being wounded in a senseless shooting.

Prior to joining Giffords, Eric served as the Program Director of Inclusv, where he worked toward eliminating the structural barriers that prevent people of color from working in and achieving their full potential in politics. He is also a veteran of several electoral and issue campaigns, and is passionate about training and empowering candidates and activists from underrepresented backgrounds.


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