Ghost Guns: An Existential Threat to Public Safety

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Anyone can make a DIY ghost gun at home. That’s a huge threat to public safety.

If you can build IKEA furniture, you can build a ghost gun. These “do-it-yourself guns” are often assembled from kits easily purchased online—no background check required. This is a rapidly emerging threat that we must take seriously. Here’s why:

  • Ghost guns are untraceable. Unlike a weapon made by a licensed manufacturer, ghost guns don’t have a serial number or other markings. That leaves law enforcement without a critical piece of information used to solve crimes.
  • Ghost guns are largely unregulated. Under federal law, an “unfinished” ghost gun part is just a hunk of metal or plastic. But with a drill and a few hours spent watching how-to videos, you can assemble a fully functioning firearm in your basement.
  • Criminals love ghost guns. Building a ghost gun circumvents our entire system of gun safety laws and regulations. That’s precisely why criminals, drug traffickers, and gangs are increasingly relying on them.

We’ve created this page and a downloadable factsheet to compile resources and expert analysis on ghost guns. We encourage you to dive deeper and learn more about this critical topic.