America Needs a Gun Safety President

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Joe Biden has what it takes.

We deserve a president who listens to the American people, not the NRA. We deserve a president who takes bold action to make us safer, not one who tweets thoughts and prayers then does nothing. We deserve a president who fights for stronger gun laws, not gun lobby profits. Joe Biden is that leader.

Congresswoman Giffords and Vice President Biden have a long history of working together to advance commonsense gun safety laws, especially in the wake of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. In addition to calling for universal background checks, regulating assault weapons, and extreme risk protection orders, Biden’s gun safety plan goes further, addressing the need to invest in community violence intervention programs, enhancing gun safety technology, ensuring the relinquishment of firearms from prohibited buyers, and holding gun manufacturers accountable.

For Vice President Joe Biden, it was the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary that really made the issue of gun violence hit home for him. In this video, Vice President Biden discusses meeting parents in Newtown and how this resonated with his own experience losing a child.