America Needs a Gun Safety President

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We deserve a president who listens to the American people, not the NRA. We deserve a president who takes bold action to make us safer, not one who tweets thoughts and prayers then does nothing. We deserve a president who fights for stronger gun laws, not gun lobby profits. 2020 Democratic candidates are vying to be that leader.

We sat down with Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Beto O’Rourke, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren to discuss their plans to make us safer from gun violence.

We can save lives from gun violence.

It shouldn’t take another tragedy. We’re not waiting on good ideas. We know there are solutions that will save lives, beginning with background checks on every gun sale. This is something the vast majority of Americans agree on.

We can save lives from gun violence if we elect leaders with the courage to act. That’s why we need a Gun Safety President now more than ever.

The NRA has no place in the White House.

For years, the NRA has peddled a message of fear, intimidating and threatening lawmakers into getting in line behind its extreme agenda—all so gun manufacturers can make more money.

But the gun lobby’s days of controlling our political system are over. In 2020, we will kick the NRA out of the White House. We will elect a Gun Safety President who cares more about people than profits, a president who listens to Americans’ overwhelming demands for safer gun laws and takes action to save lives.

Our kids deserve to be safe at school.

Students across America are scared that their school could be the site of the next mass shooting. Parents are afraid to put their kids on the school bus. Instead of making lesson plans, teachers are making active shooter plans. It shouldn’t be this way.

The candidates we spoke with understand that protecting our kids is one of the most urgent priorities our next president will face and are committed to fighting for a safer future.