The Gun Violence Memorial is coming to Battery Park in New York City to remember victims of gun violence and inspire the #CourageToAct. These 1,050 vases represent the number of people in New York State who died from gun violence in the last year.

Open to the public October 4–8, 2021.



That’s 1,050 people in the last year. To honor this preventable loss of life, we’ve installed 1,050 vases of flowers at Battery Park in New York City.

The Gun Violence Memorial is open for public viewing. We encourage you to visit, reflect, and urge your elected officials to take action.

Battery Park
The Oval
New York City
October 4–8


Stand with Gabby Giffords and join our efforts to make our country safer from gun violence. It takes all of us to fight fear and despair with courage and action.


Every flower is a life that could be saved. We’re visiting New York City to commemorate victims of gun violence in the state of New York and inspire the #CouragetoAct.

In April, Giffords installed a memorial on the National Mall in Washington DC with 40,000 flowers representing the number of Americans who die from gun violence each year. This fall, the Gun Violence Memorial is coming to Battery Park in New York City.

Giffords will host press events and leadership will meet with community partners, local officials, and activists. Residents will have the opportunity to visit the memorial, dedicate a flower, and learn more about the fight to end gun violence.

No state or community in the United States is safe from gun violence—nearly every American will know a victim of gun violence at some point in their lifetime. This memorial will visualize that reality in a bold and unique way that refuses to be overlooked or ignored.


We can save lives from gun violence, but only if we have leaders with the courage to act.

Gun violence impacts every community in New York in tragic and preventable ways. While state leaders have taken bold action to save lives from gun violence, making the state a national model for many gun safety policies and programs, Congress continues to ignore the violence that affects people every day from Buffalo to Brooklyn and across this nation. However, there are steps that can be taken in Washington. New York’s senators support lifesaving legislation like universal background checks, but Senate Republicans continue to impede efforts to strengthen our gun safety laws.  

We calculated gun violence rates in 2020 based on preliminary data, and the data is clear: gun violence is on the rise. An estimated 1,050 New Yorkers lost their lives to gun violence last year. That’s nearly a 30% increase over the previous year.


Thank you to our dedicated partners for joining us in honoring the 1,050 New Yorkers who lost their lives to gun violence last year. We admire the lifesaving work you do day in, day out.

American College of Physicians, New York Chapter

The New York Chapter of the American College of Physicians (NYACP) is a membership organization dedicated to advancing the specialty of Internal Medicine in New York State through education, advocacy and quality improvement.

Big Cities Health Coalition

The Big Cities Health Coalition (BCHC) is a forum for the leaders of America’s largest metropolitan health departments to exchange strategies and jointly address issues to promote and protect the health and safety of their residents. Collectively, BCHC member jurisdictions directly impact nearly 62 million people, or one in five Americans.

Doctors for America

Doctors for America members are on the front lines bearing witness to the epidemic of gun violence in the United States. We treat the immediate injuries caused by bullets and provide care for long term effects on victims, families and communities.

Futures Without Violence

Futures Without Violence is a social justice nonprofit with a simple mission: to heal those among us who are traumatized by violence today—and to create healthy families and communities free of violence tomorrow. From domestic violence and child abuse, to bullying and sexual assault, our groundbreaking programs, policy development, and public action campaigns are designed to prevent and end violence against women and children around the world.

New YOrk State American Academy of Pediatrics

The New York State American Academy of Pediatrics, a coalition of Chapters 1, 2 & 3, is an organization of more than 4,000 primary care pediatricians, pediatric medical subspecialists and pediatric surgical specialists dedicated to the health, safety and well-being of the infants, children, adolescents and young adults across New York State. | |

Thank you to our New York-based Giffords Impact Network corporate partners for standing with us in the gun safety movement here and across the country. Your voices are critical in our fight to save lives.


If you have lost an immediate family member to gun violence, our friends at the Gun Violence Memorial Project invite you to contribute an object in memory of your loved one. They seek to create a permanent, national memorial that honors the lives and narratives of victims of gun violence.

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In 2011, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head while meeting with constituents in Tucson, Arizona. In the face of adversity and opposition, she’s inspired millions to fight for a safer America, one free from gun violence.

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