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Taking your feedback to the Senate tomorrow

The last time Gabby and I wrote, we asked for your ideas about what responsible solutions America should come together and support to reduce gun violence.

Tomorrow, I’ll take your thoughts and feedback with me to the U.S. Senate as I testify in front of the Judiciary Committee at 10am Eastern.

Overwhelmingly, you told us that universal background checks and limiting access to high capacity magazines were top priorities — and I’ll make sure to address each of those ideas in my opening remarks.

But passing meaningful legislation is going to take everyone playing a part, and Congress needs to hear from you as well.

Sign our petition calling on Congress to enact universal background checks for gun purchases and limit the availability of high capacity magazines. 

The next few months will be challenging and filled with many ups-and-downs, but Gabby and I know that if we stick together, we can overcome anything — even an ideological fringe that has consistently used big money and influence to obstruct progress.

We’ll be in touch soon,

Mark Kelly

P.S. To receive mobile alerts from Gabby and me, grab your cell phone and text SOLUTIONS to 90975. We’ll start by sending you a special message before testimony begins tomorrow morning.