Press Release

Gun Safety Wins in New York; Gabrielle Giffords Congratulates Antonio Delgado

November 6, 2018 – Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords released the following statement congratulating Antonio Delgado for winning election in New York’s 19th Congressional District:

“This year, Antonio Delgado dared to imagine an America where gun violence wasn’t normal and people didn’t have to live in fear, wondering if today was the day they would have to duck under a desk or hide in a closet. Antonio stood tall and boldly declared that the gun lobby is no longer welcome here, and their influence over our politicians is a thing of the past. Communities in New York responded to this message of courage and hope by electing Antonio to office. Today marks the dawn of a new era for gun safety in America.

“Antonio made it clear that once elected, he would fight for laws proven to keep guns out of dangerous hands and save lives. On the campaign trail, he listened to the concerns of voters who don’t understand how we can live in a country where nearly 100 lives are lost to gunfire each day. Antonio promised to bring what he heard to the halls of power, and now he will.

“Antonio’s election is a testament to the strength of people who stood up and marched, who spoke up and said enough. Antonio harnessed this new energy and pointed out that politicians had failed in their basic moral responsibility to keep us safe. His election is proof that we don’t have to tolerate inaction on gun safety in a country where guns cause daily heartbreak and horror. We congratulate Antonio Delgado on his victory tonight and look forward to working with him in the months to come as we fight to make our schools, streets, and communities safer.”  

Antonio Delgado’s opponent, John Faso, was a part of the Giffords #VoteThemOut initiative, taking thousands of dollars from the gun lobby.  During his campaign, Delgado pledged to take no money from the NRA and made gun safety a central part of his campaign platform.

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