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NATIONAL TOUR: Giffords, March For Our Lives, and Town Hall Project Team Up to Host “Gun Safety Town Halls” Urging Congress to Pass Bipartisan Background Checks Bill  

Events in four cities will engage constituents in discussions about congressional action to strengthen America’s gun laws.

Bipartisan background checks bill introduced in Congress has widespread support, but many members still not publicly stating how they will vote.  

Washington, DC — Giffords, the gun violence prevention organization founded by former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her husband Captain Mark Kelly, March For Our Lives, and the Town Hall Project are joining forces to hold a series of Gun Safety Town Halls to push Congress to swiftly pass the bipartisan universal background checks bill. The first event will kick off this Saturday in Denver, Colorado, and will feature gun violence prevention experts, local advocates, and lawmakers answering questions from community members about steps we must take to make our country safer.

“The only way to tackle the biggest problems facing our country is to bring people together to discuss solutions,” said Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. “When communities come together to share stories, ask questions, and exchange ideas, we’re able to bridge divides, find unity, and amplify our calls for action. These Gun Safety Town Hall events will create an important opportunity for anyone concerned about gun violence to speak up and demand that those we elected to protect us are fighting for the solutions we need to make our country a safer place to live, work, learn and play. Change is possible, but results will only be realized if citizens stay engaged. I hope to see a lot of engaged and determined citizens in the weeks to come as we fight to pass the Bipartisan Background Checks Act.”

The Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019 (H.R. 8), introduced on the eighth anniversary of the mass shooting in Tucson that gravely wounded Rep. Giffords, would require a federal background check on all firearm purchases—including private transactions. While more than 90% of Americans support the measure, many members have still not publicly stated how they will vote. The Gun Safety Town Hall events organized as part of this tour will put pressure on congressional lawmakers who have so far remained silent and support those members currently fighting to pass the legislation.

“We are looking forward to teaming up with Giffords, Town Hall Project, and TOMS to bring together people of all ages to end to gun violence,” said Jaclyn Corin, co-founder of March For Our Lives. “The new Congress has shown that they are ready to take serious action to end gun violence. Our marching and organizing in 2018 has led us to this important point where we as a country can take another step towards ending gun violence by passing this bipartisan background check bill. We are calling on our supporters across the country to join us in the fight, and contact their elected officials to ensure H.R. 8 is passed. Together we can put an end to gun violence.”

Sponsors of the bill may join event organizers for a conversation with constituents at the first Gun Safety Town Hall on Saturday, January 26th in Denver, Colorado. At this event gun policy experts and advocates from Giffords, March For Our Lives, and Town Hall Project will also be joined by members of the team from TOMS.

TOMS will be joining partner organizations on the ground as a stop on the brand’s cross-countryroadtrip to deliver more than 700,000 postcards advocating for universal background checks to Congressional representatives as part of TOMS’ historic “End Gun Violence Together” initiative. The tour will visit cities across the country, meeting with gun violence activists, affected communities, and concerned Americans, before culminating in Washington D.C. on February 5th.

In the coming weeks, Giffords, March for Our Lives, and Town Hall Project will organize events in Raleigh, North Carolina; Austin, Texas; and Charleston, South Carolina. Additional guests and partners will be announced for each event at a later date.


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