Press Release

Colorado and Minnesota Gun Owners for Safety Statement on Deadly Weekend of Gun Violence

August 4, 2019 — Today, members of the Colorado and Minnesota Gun Owners for Safety groups reacted to this weekend’s gun violence. Nine people are dead and 26 people were injured after a mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio early this morning. The incident took place within 13 hours of the shooting in El Paso, Texas where at least 20 people were killed and 26 more wounded.

“I am heartbroken. I am angry. I am also a gun owner and I want to make one thing crystal clear: our nation needs stronger gun laws. The horrific tragedies that happened this weekend in Texas, Ohio, and countless communities across the nation are completely unacceptable,” said Vic Bencomo from Colorado Gun Owners for Safety.

“Our families and our communities need so much more than thoughts and prayers. We need action to make our country safer and we need it now. Gun owners agree – there are basic steps we can take that will make a difference by keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people,” said Bob Mokos from Minnesota Gun Owners for Safety.

Colorado and Minnesota Gun Owners for Safety are coalitions of hunters, sport shooters, and collectors who are coming together to advocate for commonsense gun violence prevention laws and promote safe and responsible gun ownership.

They know that it’s possible to support the Second Amendment while also supporting stronger gun laws that will make our country safer.

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