Press Release

Giffords Rebukes Governor Kim Reynolds for Signing Gun Legislation that Makes Iowa Communities Less Safe  

HF 2502 prevents local governments from establishing their own gun safety measures

June 26, 2020Giffords, the gun violence prevention organization founded by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, criticized Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds for signing into law HF 2505, dangerous preemption legislation that threatens the public safety of all Iowans.

Statement from Nico Bocour, government affairs director at Giffords:

“Governor Reynolds has shown that she cares more about gun rights extremists than giving Iowa communities the ability to fight gun violence. America must get serious about saving lives from shootings and gun suicides. In Iowa, local leaders understand what’s at stake and are best equipped to make decisions to keep their communities safe. Yet, Iowa Republicans and the governor want to tie the hands of these very communities that are trying to take action to protect their residents from gun violence.”

Earlier this year, Giffords Law Center Litigation Director Hannah Shearer provided testimony in opposition to the bill, citing the clear dangers of the policies in HF 2502. The new law would introduce more guns into sensitive public places; deprive local governments of their traditional right to address community health and safety concerns; and place Iowans at greater risk of violence.

Most states allow local governments to pass legislation in the interest of public health and safety. Through gun lobby pressure, however, now 44 states have explicitly removed authority from local governments to regulate guns and ammunition, thereby creating a dangerous exception to the traditional rule of local authority. Some of those states have gone even further, enacting extreme preemption laws that subject local officials to personal liability, removal from office, and even criminal penalties for regulating firearms and ammunition.