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Breonna Taylor Verdict Spurs Giffords to Call for Fundamental Changes to Protect Communities from Police Gun Violence

Washington DC—After a grand jury indicted a former Louisville police detective for endangering Breonna Taylor’s neighbors by firing his gun, but failed to pursue charges against the two officers that shot Ms. Taylor, Giffords issued a call for fundamental changes to protect communities from all forms of gun violence — including from law enforcement. 

Tiffany Garner, Giffords Community Violence Initiative State Manager:

Breonna Taylor should still be here but she was killed by police officers firing their guns indiscriminately into her home. This week’s grand jury decision was a painful reminder of the injustice Black Americans experience in this country. Black Americans too often live in fear of the systemic forces that are supposed to protect them and do not receive justice when their rights are violated. Breonna’s life, and the lives of Black Americans must stop being undervalued and taken by gun violence. 

“Police gun violence is the reason Breonna is no longer with us and we can no longer ignore how many others have suffered because of it. This harsh reality that many African Americans face is too heavy for us to bear alone. Systemic change that comes from reforming the way law enforcement operates and sustainably funding community based violence prevention initiatives is paramount for freedom and equity for all races. 

“Her life mattered. Black lives have always mattered. Together, we must fight harder and advocate for critical police reforms and investments in our communities in order to achieve equal justice for all.” #sayhername


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