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Giffords Law Center Litigation Director Condemns President Trump’s Expected Nomination of Amy Coney Barrett for a Lifetime Appointment to the Supreme Court

    Washington, DC — Giffords Law Center’s Litigation Director, Hannah Shearer, condemned President Trump’s expected decision to nominate Judge Amy Coney Barrett for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

    Hannah Shearer, Giffords Law Center Litigation Director:

    “The NRA is celebrating today because President Trump plans to follow their advice and nominate Judge Amy Coney Barrett to a life term on the Supreme Court. If Trump succeeds in elevating Judge Barrett along with her vision of an unlimited Second Amendment, it will put our nation’s highest court in service of the President’s deadly efforts to promote the use of firearms for intimidation and political violence.

    “Like Trump’s other Supreme Court choices, Judge Barrett holds Second Amendment views that are far more extreme than conservatives like Justice Antonin Scalia. Her willingness to disregard established precedent and strike down gun safety laws is too radical for this country and even past Republican administrations. Her addition to the Supreme Court would establish a new majority that jeopardizes the gun laws that protect us for decades to come.

    “Every gun safety law depends on the next justice. Now is the time to demand that the Senate listen to voters before approving a justice who would irreversibly shift the Court toward Second Amendment extremism.”

    Experts Available for Comment: 

    Hannah Shearer, Giffords Law Center Litigation Director

    Adam Skaggs, Giffords Law Center Chief Counsel

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