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In the Aftermath of Boulder, CO, Shooting, Giffords Law Center Executive Director Testifies in Senate Judiciary Hearing on Need for National Gun Safety Agenda

Washington, DC —Following a shooting that left ten people dead in Boulder, Colorado, and just a week after the tragic murders of eight people at three metro Atlanta massage parlors, Robyn Thomas, Giffords Law Center’s executive director, testified on Tuesday in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee to demand action on a gun safety agenda. Some of the proposals she highlighted include universal background checks, prohibiting gun possession by those convicted of domestic violence crimes, waiting periods, and enacting extreme risk protection orders.  

Read the opening statement from Robyn Thomas, Giffords Law Center Executive Director.  

“Our gun violence crisis is a uniquely American problem,” said Robyn Thomas, Giffords Law Center Executive Director. “It’s a problem that plagues our country in countless different ways and exacts a devastating toll on our communities. But it’s a problem with solutions. While one single law will never stop all gun violence, we know strong gun laws save lives.” 

Earlier this month, the House passed H.R. 8, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act, with bipartisan support. Neither H.R. 8 nor its Senate companion legislation, S. 529, the Background Checks Expansion Act, has yet been considered in the Senate. The Senate hearing was an important step in moving forward with meaningful gun safety reforms. 


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