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Giffords Executive Directors Demand Swift Federal Action After Weekend of Mass Shootings in Four US Cities

Washington, DC — Mass shootings continue to ravage the United States on a regular basis, leaving at least 38 people wounded and six dead this past weekend alone.Giffords Executive Directors Peter Ambler and Robyn Thomas demanded that national leaders take swift action to address the gun violence crisis. The horrific tragedies devastated families and communities this weekend in Illinois, Ohio, Texas, and Georgia, underscoring the need for universal background checks and other commonsense gun violence prevention reforms. 

Giffords Executive Director Peter Ambler:

“Today, we grieve with the communities who lost individuals who should still be with us—and would still be with us, if not for the horrific gun violence epidemic ravaging our nation. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve seen more than 270 mass shootings, in addition to the daily firearm suicides and homicides that rarely make the news. We stand firm in demanding that this public health crisis be treated by Congress like the priority it is. The time for universal background checks is now. Congress must step up and show the courage to act.”

Giffords Law Center Executive Director Robyn Thomas

“The lives of those who survived this horrendous weekend of violence will never be the same. Some victims will never return home, and the lives of their families and those who loved them will similarly never be the same. We cannot accept this heartbreaking status quo. This is an urgent crisis that requires immediate action, and it’s time that every one of our elected officials treated it as such. Americans don’t want to continue living in fear. The vast majority support gun safety laws that will reduce gun violence and save lives. Our leaders need to meet the American people where they are, and pass commonsense gun laws. ”