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Gov. Kemp’s Reckless Proposal Undermines Gun Safety and Endangers Lives

The governor recently announced his intent to allow more Georgians to carry concealed firearms without a permit

WASHINGTON, DC – Governor Brian Kemp (R-GA) said on Wednesday that he would push for a new state law that would allow more Georgians to carry concealed firearms without applying for a permit, increasing the amount of guns in public spaces and needlessly putting Georgians at risk. He was joined by NRA Vice President Willes Lee, who announced that the NRA’s annual conference would happen in Atlanta in 2025. 

Sean Holihan, Giffords State Legislative Director

“More guns in public spaces endangers lives; it doesn’t save them. This is a reckless proposal designed to promote more gun sales, when the majority of Georgians want real action on gun violence. If passed, this law will make communities across the state less safe and do nothing to stem the rising tide of gun violence. 
Today is the one-year anniversary of insurrectionists storming the United States Capitol. Armed intimidation has no place in our democracy, but proposals like this will only make it more common. With yesterday’s announcement Governor Kemp is demonstrating that he values the gun lobby’s campaign contributions over the lives of his constituents.”

Georgia is already home to some of our nation’s weakest gun laws. Loosening concealed carry laws would increase the risk of violent altercations. Violent crime has been shown to increase 13-15% in states that loosened their concealed carry laws. Such measures would disproportionately affect Black and Brown Americans, who already bear the brunt of the gun violence epidemic in our country.


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