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Giffords Law Center Lauds Nomination of
Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to Succeed Justice Stephen Breyer on US Supreme Court

President Biden’s selection of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for elevation to the Supreme Court is a historic first and a victory for the rule of law that will ensure equal justice and protect the rights of all Americans

NEW YORK, NY — Today, Giffords Law Center lauded the nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to serve as an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. If confirmed, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson will succeed Associate Justice Stephen Breyer, whose record of distinguished service on the Court has benefited all Americans since his confirmation in 1994.

    Robyn Thomas, Giffords Law Center Executive Director:

“President Biden’s selection of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to succeed Justice Breyer on the Court is a history-making nomination, marking the first time in American history that a Black woman will join the high court. Judge Jackson is a distinguished jurist and former public defender—an important addition to a Court that currently lacks any members with such experience.

Judge Jackson’s credentials are impeccable, and she has been confirmed with bipartisan votes for seats on the lower courts in both 2012 and just last year. During her distinguished career, she has demonstrated that she has both the skills and, perhaps even more critically, the character and temperament, necessary to serve on our nation’s highest court.  Her experiences as a defense attorney, a trial judge, and a judge on the court of appeals will prepare her to make an immediate and important impact on the Court.

Through his nominations to the lower courts, President Biden has demonstrated a commitment to appointing judges with diverse backgrounds and experiences who are committed to ensuring equal justice for all, not just the wealthy and powerful. Judge Jackson’s nomination is consistent with this commitment, and the country will undoubtedly benefit from her service on the Court for years to come.”

The Supreme Court interpretations of the Second Amendment define the role that guns play in American life. Currently pending before the Court is a case concerning the carrying of guns in public spaces, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen. While Judge Jackson will not join the Court until after it has issued its decision in Bruen, numerous additional gun cases are in the litigation pipeline and may come before the Court in future terms.

In August 2020, Giffords Law Center published our report Gun Safety Under Threat: How Extremist Judges Are Undermining Gun Laws, which examines how a small number of judges can wield an outsized influence. Through opinions reversed on appeal and dissenting opinions, extremist judges on the lower courts can create the building blocks the Supreme Court needs to reshape Second Amendment law.