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Giffords Commends Illinois Governor for Signing Critical Legislation Banning Ghost Guns

Washington, DC Giffords, the gun violence prevention organization founded by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, lauded Governor J.B. Pritzker for signing critical legislation that bans ghost guns in Illinois. This legislation provides a comprehensive solution to the problem of ghost guns in the state by prohibiting these untraceable weapons and the parts used to make them. Representative Kam Buckner and Senator Jacqueline Collins were leaders in bringing the legislation to the governor’s desk.

“Ghost guns present a clear and present danger to national security and public safety,” said Sean Holihan, Giffords State Legislative Director. “These do-it-yourself firearms are increasingly being used to commit violent crimes and, because they are untraceable, they make law enforcement’s job to begin and close an investigation incredibly difficult. Governor Pritzker and leaders in Chicago and Springfield like Speaker Welch, President Harmon, and the Gun Violence Prevention PAC (G-PAC) have shown they aren’t afraid of the gun lobby and are leaders in reducing gun violence.” 

“Ghost guns pose an increasingly grave threat to public safety in Illinois and across the country. These untraceable weapons have been sold by profit-hungry companies seeking to evade the most basic gun safety laws, and they are making up a greater and greater share of the illegal gun market,” said David Pucino, Giffords Law Center Deputy Chief Counsel. “We are grateful to Senator Collins and Representative Buckner for championing this critical legislation, and to Governor Pritzker for signing it into law. This bill will help stop the proliferation of ghost guns and make Illinois safer.”

Ghost guns are untraceable by law enforcement and can be obtained without a background check. These guns pose a grave threat to public safety, and people who are legally prohibited from owning firearms are able to create them without consequences in most states. This is the latest step in the past several years that Illinois has taken to strengthen its gun laws, including closing dangerous loopholes in state law, curbing the flow of illegal guns, and establishing a process for Firearm Restraining Orders for people in crisis.


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