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Giffords, GSG Survey: Battleground Voters Demand Stronger Gun Laws to Help Reduce Crime

Washington, DC — Today, Giffords and Global Strategy Group released polling from battleground states that shows voters are prioritizing commonsense gun safety reforms to combat crime, especially those voters that Democrats most need to turn out to win: suburban voters, independents, Hispanic voters, and Black voters. These results were confirmed by a recent Pew Research Center survey that showed more than 75% of Americans view gun violence as a very big problem or moderately big problem. 

Peter Ambler, Giffords Executive Director:

“Voters have made it clear: they want and need stronger gun laws. Gun violence prevention is a top priority for voters, especially as crime rates rise. Data shows that rising crime is really a matter of rising gun violence—and voters know that Republicans actively side with the gun lobby to make our communities less safe. This polling shows that Democrats in battleground states can win back key constituencies by embracing gun violence prevention policies in response to the question of rising crime. If Democrats want to retain and grow support from key constituencies of voters, blunt Republican attacks on crime, and address the rising threat of gun violence, they need to a prioritize gun safety agenda. ”

The survey found:

  • Battleground voters are extremely concerned about violent crime involving guns. Nearly two-thirds of voters believe crime is increasing in their state (63%). Specifically, they are most concerned about shootings (57% major concern) and armed robberies (49% major concern)—crimes involving guns. This is true especially of Black voters—a key voting bloc Democrats need to turn out in November—and suburban voters, who Democrats need to persuade to rejoin our coalition like they did in 2018. 
  • Voters recognize the role lax gun laws play in rising crime rates. Majorities of battleground voters blame criminals having easy access to guns (59% major factor) and an increase in illegal guns (58% major factor) for the increase in crime they believe is occurring. 
  • Infusing guns into these races gives a Democrat the advantage. Gun violence prevention transcends partisan boundaries and motivates battleground voters to cross party lines and vote for a Democrat committed to stronger gun laws. A generic Democrat who supports stronger gun laws has a six-point advantage over a Republican who opposes new gun restrictions, and a seven-point advantage. 
  • Battleground voters demand stronger gun laws. Nearly two-thirds of voters think background checks on all gun sales already exist (64%). Even with this false notion, most voters are calling for stronger gun laws (58%), including majorities of swing voters (53%) and suburban voters (58%), and even a third of Republicans (37%). They are demanding change from their elected officials, as 67% say background checks on all gun sales needs to be a top priority for their next senator. 

To learn more about the survey please click here. [LINK]


Global Strategy Group conducted an online survey of 1,217 registered voters in FL, GA, NV, NC, PA, and WI including 203 Black voters and 201 Hispanic voters between March 17 and March 23, 2022. The survey had a confidence interval of +/- 2.8% and the oversamples of Black and Hispanic voters had a confidence interval of +/-6.9%. Interviews were conducted online. Care has been taken to ensure the geographic and demographic divisions of the populations of likely voters are properly represented. 


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