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Giffords Lauds House of Representatives for Bipartisan Passage of a Historic Package of Gun Safety Legislation

Washington DC—Giffords, the gun violence prevention group led by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, lauded the House of Representatives for passing groundbreaking legislation that includes a wide range of provisions focused on keeping communities safe from gun violence. The Protecting Our Kids Act comes on the heels of multiple mass shootings, including those in Uvalde and Buffalo that claimed the lives of 31 people, including 19 children, and amidst elevated levels of daily gun violence that afflicts communities across the country. The passage of this important legislation marks a historic moment for the House and is a significant step towards protecting communities from future tragedies. 

Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords:

“Today, the House of Representatives took decisive action and said ‘enough.’ By voting in favor of this comprehensive legislative package, members of Congress made a commitment to prioritize our communities and public safety. We commend them for supporting commonsense solutions to address gun violence. The Protecting Our Kids Act is a robust, evidence-based set of policies that, if passed in the Senate and signed into law by President Biden, will be a vital step in turning the tide on our country’s gun violence epidemic. I am grateful to Speaker Pelosi, Chairman Nadler, Chairman Thompson, and Chairwoman Jackson Lee for their tireless commitment to addressing gun violence. I applaud the House of Representatives for hearing the cries for change from the American people and taking bold action.”

The Protecting Our Kids Act (HR 7910) is a package of the following policies:

  • Raise the Age Act:Raise the federal minimum age to buy assault-style rifles and shotguns from 18 to 21 years old. 
  • Prevent Gun Trafficking Act:Create a federal firearms trafficking statute and eliminate financial incentives for gun traffickers.
  • Untraceable Firearms Act: Prohibit the manufacture and sale of firearms without serial numbers, require any person or business engaged in the business of selling firearms kits and unfinished receivers to obtain a dealer’s license, and conduct background checks on purchasers.
  • Ethan’s Law: Help states pass child access prevention (CAP) laws and require gun owners to safely store firearms in their home so that children and residents who are prohibited cannot access them.
  • Safe Guns, Safe Kids Act: Ensure that those who fail to properly store firearms when a child or a resident who is prohibited from possessing firearms is present are held accountable if the child or resident gets access and injury or death results.
  • Kimberly Vaughan Firearm Safe Storage Act: Support public education about the safe storage of firearms.
  • Closing the Bump Stock Loophole Act: Regulate bump stocks like machine guns under the National Firearms Act.
  • Keep Americans Safe Act: Ban the manufacture and sale of large capacity magazines which hold more than 15 rounds of ammunition.


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