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New Polling Shows Miami-Dade Voters Strongly Oppose DeSantis’ Permitless Carry Proposal

Miami-Dade Voters Overwhelmingly Support Strong Gun Safety Laws

Miami, FL  — Today, Giffords Florida, the largest gun safety political program focused entirely on the Sunshine State, releasednew polling showing that Miami-Dade voters, particularly the Hispanic community, strongly oppose Governor DeSantis’ proposal to allow Floridians to carry handguns without a permit. The polling also demonstrates gun safety is a winning issue in Miami-Dade. 

The research conducted by Global Strategy Group found that voters in Miami-Dade are concerned about gun violence and want stronger gun laws. The new survey also shows the more voters learn about Governor DeSantis’ permitless carry proposal, the less they like it—potentially creating an opportunity for Democrats to champion gun safety and win back voters in Miami-Dade in 2024. 


Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, Former Congresswoman and Senior Advisor, Giffords Florida: 

“In the 2024 elections, Democratic candidates can win in Miami-Dade and compete statewide if they embrace a renewed commitment to preventing gun violence. Voters in South Florida overwhelmingly support stronger gun laws and know that the Republican ‘guns everywhere’ agenda is far outside the mainstream. Governor DeSantis should reconsider his reckless plan to pass permitless carry in Florida—it puts far too many lives at risk and is an insult to victims of gun violence from Miami to Orlando.”

Preventing gun violence is a top priority for Miami-Dade voters. Miami-Dade experienced a spike in gun violence last year that has left the community searching for answers. Over three-quarters of Miami-Dade voters  (77%)  say gun violence was very important to their vote this November—more than inflation (75%), immigration (66%), or abortion (62%).

Miami-Dade voters overwhelmingly want stronger gun laws. Miami-Dade voters support stronger gun laws by a 20:1 margin (65% stronger/3% less strong). Two-thirds of key voting groups—registered nonpartisan voters (66%) and ticket splitters (70%)—feel the same way. 

Miami-Dade voters strongly oppose DeSantis’s permitless carry proposal. Over two-thirds of Miami-Dade voters oppose permitless carry (68%) with 60% of voters strongly opposing the policy. This opposition spans party registration and race. A majority of Republicans, DeSantis voters, gun owners (59%), and white voters (55%) oppose permitless carry. After hearing the policy would allow anyone who can legally purchase a firearm to carry a loaded gun publicly, along with examples of who those carriers would be, voters’ opposition grew by 12 points (68% to 80%) and strong opposition by 13 points (60% to 73%).

Miami-Dade voters will vote against candidates who support permitless carry. Over half of voters (53%) say they are less likely to vote for a candidate in the 2024 election who supports permitless carry and wants to make it law. Persuadable voters say the same: a majority of NPA voters (59%), ticket splitters (56%), and Hispanic voters (53%) say they are less likely to vote for a candidate who backs permitless carry.


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