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Texas Fails to Enact Gun Safety Measures to Protect Communities

Washington DC — GIFFORDS, the gun violence prevention organization led by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, criticized Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas legislature for failing to take action against gun violence this legislative session. 

Peter Ambler, GIFFORDS Executive Director:

“While families still mourn the tragedy at Robb Elementary last year, and the devastating mass shooting in Allen just weeks ago, Governor Abbott continues to ignore their demands for action. When 19 children and two teachers were senselessly murdered in their classrooms, voters called on elected officials to take swift action to ensure that no child or parent has to experience this kind of tragedy. Legislators have failed our communities with their lack of action this session and continue to choose gun lobby profits over the lives of our children. I am furious that Republican leadership would betray these victims and families. We will continue to stand behind Texans and demand change in our fight against gun violence. When it comes to keeping our communities safe, there can be no debate: the time for action is now.”

Steven Kling, GIFFORDS Gun Owners for Safety Senior Ambassador, Texas Chapter

“Texans are supposed to have each other’s backs, but Governor Abbott and lawmakers in the state continue to look the other way while our fellow Texans are shot and killed in record numbers. We have lost far too many friends, neighbors, and children to this epidemic. Instead of protecting our communities, lawmakers would rather accept funds from the for-profit gun lobby, which is contributing to these mass shootings. Like countless others here in the Lone Star State, I refuse to allow this to be our reality. We will never stop fighting until our streets and schools are once again safe.” 

Last Wednesday marked one year since the horrific mass shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, and GIFFORDS released a new report on the aftermath of the Uvalde shooting. The Uvalde Report: A Path Forward for a Community—and Nation—Struggling to Heal highlights key recommendations for reforms at the local, state, and national levels. After speaking with Uvalde residents and national experts, GIFFORDS Law Center outlined the following recommendations to improve support for the community:

  • Pass, Implement, and Improve Gun Safety Laws
  • Expand Community-Based Programs and Services for At-Risk Youth and Young Adults
  • Develop Long-Term Mental Health Services
  • Address Structural Racism
  • Reform Victim Compensation Systems
  • Create Trauma-Informed Schools


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