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GIFFORDS and Brady Join Forces on Amicus in Crime Guns Case

The City of Chicago is suing Westforth Sports for their role in enabling the gun violence epidemic through negligent sales practices. 

Washington DC – National gun violence prevention organizations, the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence and the Giffords Law Center, have filed a joint amicus brief in the First District Appellate Court of Illinois. They were joined by the cities of Baltimore, San Jose, and Kansas City, Missouri in the filing.  Their brief outlines how the defendant, Westforth Sports Inc., knowingly participated in illegal firearm sales and failed to uphold the standards required for holders of a Federal Firearms License (FFL). 

David Pucino, Legal Director and Deputy Chief Counsel for GIFFORDS Law Center:

“Firearm trafficking fuels the crisis of gun violence across the country. Too often, traffickers get expanded access to guns from irresponsible gun dealers. Gun dealers have both the ability and the responsibility to prevent illegal sales, and when they fail to live up to their legal and ethical duties they must be held accountable.”

Douglas Letter, Chief Legal Officer for Brady:

“Westforth Sports has blatantly violated the law by creating a culture in their store that draws in purchasers who know the sales associates will look the other way when an illegal sale is being made. Despite being warned about their practices of supplying criminals in the past,  Westforth has done little to curb the unlawful, unconscionable activity that has fueled Chicago’s gun violence. They must be held accountable.”


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