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GIFFORDS VICTORY: Philadelphia Settles Lawsuit with Largest Ghost Gun Makers

GIFFORDS Law Center represented the City of Philadelphia in a lawsuit against ghost gun companies Polymer80 and JSD Supply.

Washington DC — GIFFORDS Law Center, the legal arm of the gun violence prevention group GIFFORDS, announced that its client, the City of Philadelphia, has reached an agreement to resolve its lawsuit against Polymer80 and JSD Supply, the largest suppliers of ghost guns in the United States.

GIFFORDS Law Center was co-counsel with the Hausfeld law firm and the City of Philadelphia Law Department. Philadelphia sued the ghost gun companies alleging that they perpetuated the gun violence crisis and threatened the public’s right to health and safety by marketing, selling, and dispersing unserialized ghost gun kits into Philadelphia. 

Polymer80 will make settlement payments totaling $1.3 million, and Polymer80 and JSD Supply have agreed to injunctive relief that will prevent future unlawful sales of their products. Polymer80 has agreed to permanently cease selling ghost gun parts in the city of Philadelphia, and for four years in nearby counties. JSD Supply has agreed to cease selling ghost gun parts for four years in the state of Pennsylvania.

David Pucino, Legal Director and Deputy Chief Counsel, GIFFORDS Law Center:

“Ghost guns have plagued the streets of Philadelphia, leading to more Pennsylvanians senselessly losing their lives. Polymer80 and JSD Supply’s reckless business practices perpetrated this crisis and threatened public safety. We’re proud to have worked with the City and our co-counsel, the Hausfeld law firm, to secure a settlement with Polymer80 and JSD Supply, and keep ghost guns out of Philadelphia neighborhoods. The gun industry must be held accountable when it breaks the law and endangers Americans.”

Renee Garcia, Philadelphia City Solicitor:

“Polymer80 Inc. and JSD Supply have intentionally undermined federal and state firearms laws by designing, manufacturing, and selling ghost gun kits and parts to buyers in Philadelphia who do not undergo a background check. These weapons have ended up in the hands of our youth and individuals who are not otherwise permitted to possess a firearm, and the consequences in our communities have been devastating. We are grateful to have reached this resolution to hold the defendants accountable for their negligent business practices and the role they have played in perpetuating deadly gun violence across Philadelphia. The City of Philadelphia Law Department will not stop using every legal tool available to stop the flow of crime guns in Philadelphia.”

Katie R. Beran, Partner, Hausfeld:

“We have been honored to represent the City in such timely and impactful litigation to combat the gun violence crisis in Philadelphia. The defendant companies have exploited the market for illegal crime guns through reckless and unlawful conduct. With this lawsuit, the City, in collaboration with our co-counsel at the Giffords Law Center, sends a clear message that prioritizing profits over the safety and wellbeing of Philadelphia residents will not be tolerated.”


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