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Gabby Giffords remembers 101 California Street shooting 

GIFFORDS Law Center releases new report on progress made in California.

    WASHINGTON — Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, founder of the national gun violence prevention organization GIFFORDS, released the following statement marking 31 years since the mass shooting at 101 California Street in San Francisco. GIFFORDS Law Center, the legal arm of GIFFORDS, began as the Legal Community Against Violence (LCAV) after eight people were murdered and six others were injured at the San Francisco law firm Pettit & Martin on July 1, 1993. Shirley Mooser, Allen J. Berk, Donald “Mike” Merrill, Jack Berman, Deborah Fogel, Jody Jones Sposato, David Sutcliffe, and John Scully were killed in the shooting.

    GIFFORDS Law Center also released a new report today, Leadership in the Storm: Gavin Newsom and Gun Safety in California. The report highlights how despite significant challenges, California has continued to make enormous strides in gun violence prevention efforts. 

    “Thirty-one years ago, eight people senselessly lost their lives at 101 California Street. The Bay Area legal community has honored those killed with action by coming together to create what is now GIFFORDS Law Center. The impact of this organization over the past 30-plus years cannot be understated. We have helped pass hundreds of gun safety laws at the federal state and state levels. The Law Center is seen as a key resource and leader in the gun violence prevention movement. We will never forget lives lost on July 1, 1993, and we remain committed to stopping gun violence,” said former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. 

    “California is at the forefront of the fight for gun safety because of the work GIFFORDS Law Center has undertaken since its founding. With nearly 70 bills signed into law since 2019, the state has set a national benchmark for comprehensive gun safety measures. We look forward to continued collaboration with Governor Newsom and California legislators to champion policies that not only save lives but set a precedent for positive change across the nation,” said GIFFORDS Law Center Policy Director Lindsay Nichols. 

    Report Highlights: 

    • Addressing the Ghost Gun Crisis: In 2022, California enacted and Governor Newsom signed comprehensive ghost gun legislation to reform the ghost gun industry and immediately stop the unregulated sale of ghost gun kits and related products.
    • Investing and Funding Community Violence Intervention Programs: In 2019, California passed the Break the Cycle of Violence Act to establish the California Violence Intervention and Prevention (CalVIP) grant program, a national model for state investments in evidence-based community violence intervention programs. In 2023, California created a permanent dedicated fund for CalVIP through a first in the nation tax on the gun industry’s profits. 
    • Victims’ Access to Justice: In 2022, California enacted the Firearm Industry Responsibility Act. This legislation empowers victims of gun violence harmed by wrongful firearm industry conduct to seek fair justice and compensation in court.


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