The National Gun Violence Memorial is an installation on the National Mall in Washington DC to remember victims of gun violence and inspire the #CourageToAct. These 45,222 flowers represent the increasing number of Americans who die from gun violence each year. Open to the public Sunday, June 5, to Saturday, June 11, 2022.



Deaths from gun violence have surpassed 45,000 a year. To honor those lives lost, we’ll place 45,000 flowers on the National Mall.

The Gun Violence Memorial is open for public viewing. We encourage you to visit, reflect, and urge your elected officials to take action.

Washington Monument
Washington DC
June 5 to June 11, 2022


Stand with Gabby Giffords and join our efforts to make our country safer from gun violence. It takes all of us to fight fear and despair with courage and action.


Over 45,000 Americans died from gun violence in a single year. That’s over 100 people every day whose hopes and dreams were stolen—their lives cut short by a bullet.

While mass shootings like the recent tragedies in Uvalde and Buffalo capture the lion’s share of the media’s focus, the vast majority of these preventable deaths don’t generate the attention they should.

Our nation’s gun laws are broken. The US House of Representatives has taken action to fix them. Now, it’s the Senate’s turn.

Join us in calling on our leaders in Washington DC to:

  1. Pass universal background checks: Every year, millions of guns are sold without a background check because of loopholes in our federal gun laws. The Senate must pass legislation requiring background checks on all gun sales. 
  2. Confirm Steve Dettelbach as ATF Director: The Senate must swiftly confirm Steve Dettelbach as the next director of the ATF so that the agency is better equipped to enforce the gun laws already on the books. 
  3. Keep moving forward with bold executive actions from the Biden Administration: It’s time for the Biden Administration to update and develop a comprehensive strategy for executive actions relating to gun violence with a specific focus on closing loopholes in the background checks system, limiting access to firearms, firearms trafficking, and violence intervention.

Shooting after shooting, gun lobby–bought senators have looked the other way and refused to even debate basic reforms. By visualizing the magnitude of our nation’s gun violence crisis, the Gun Violence Memorial sends a message they can’t ignore.

In April 2021, Giffords first partnered with Doug Landry, the visual artist behind the COVID-19 flag memorial, to set up a memorial in Washington DC with 40,000 flowers representing the number of Americans who die from gun violence every year. After taking the memorial to cities around the country—from Philadelphia to Houston to Los Angeles—we’re back in DC.

But this uniquely American epidemic has only gotten worse: deaths from gun violence have passed 45,000 a year. The 5,000 additional flowers will be orange to visually differentiate this devastating increase. 

The Gun Violence Memorial is a tribute to the many lives that have been lost, a testament to the strength of survivors, and a plea to our elected officials to pass gun safety legislation in the Senate. 

Gun Violence Memorial Partners

  • Alliance for Gun Responsibility
  • American College of Physicians
  • American Federation of Teachers
  • American Medical Student Association
  • American Medical Women’s Association
  • Amnesty International USA
  • Anti-Violence Partnership of Philadelphia
  • Association of Humanistic Rabbis
  • Association of Prosecuting Attorneys
  • Big Cities Health Coalition
  • Blue Rising
  • BRAVE Youth Leaders
  • Ceasefire PA
  • Chi-Town GVP Summit
  • Community Justice Action Fund
  • CT Against Gun Violence
  • Cure Violence Global
  • Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence
  • Doctors for America
  • Don’t Shoot Guns Shoot Cameras
  • Emerge
  • Episcopal Peace Fellowship
  • Equal Justice USA
  • Everytown for Gun Safety
  • Franciscan Action Network
  • Granite State Progress
  • Gun Owners for Responsible Ownership
  • Guns Down Friday
  • Helping Others With Life
  • Honor with Action Coalition
  • Human Rights Campaign
  • Life After the Gunshot
  • LIFE Camp, Inc.
  • Lock Arms for Life
  • Maine Gun Safety Coaltion
  • March for Our Lives
  • Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence
  • Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence
  • Me Myself & I
  • National Action Network
  • National Council of Jewish Women
  • National Education Association
  • National Network for Safe Communities
  • Nebraskans Against Gun Violence
  • New York State American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Newtown Action Alliance
  • North Carolinians Against Gun Violence
  • Not My Generation
  • Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence
  • One Aim Illinois
  • Prevent Gun Violence Florida
  • Progress Michigan
  • Purpose Over Pain
  • Remembering Darien Foundation
  • Safe States Alliance
  • Scrubs Against Firearm Violence
  • Sisters of Mercy of the Americas Justice Team
  • Society for Humanistic Judaism
  • Squirrel Hill Stands Against Gun Violence
  • Survivors Empowered
  • T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights
  • Teachers Unify to End Gun Violence
  • Terrell Bosley Anti-Violence Association
  • The T.R.I.G.G.E.R. Project
  • The TraRon Center
  • The Union for Reform Judaism
  • This Is Our Lane
  • Torah Trumps Hate
  • Upper East Side for Change
  • Victim Support Services
  • Violent Crime Survivors
  • WAVE Educational Fund
  • Weber Shandwick
  • Woman’s National Democratic Club
  • Women in H.E.E.L.S
  • Youth ALIVE!



The NRA’s extremist views don’t represent the majority of gun owners. Responsible gun owners understand that commonsense gun laws go hand-in-hand with firearm ownership.

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