The Gun Violence Memorial is an installation on the National Mall in Washington DC to remember victims of gun violence and inspire the #CourageToAct. These 40,000 flowers represent the number of Americans who die from gun violence each year. Open to the public Tuesday, April 13, to Friday, April 16, 2021.



That’s nearly 40,000 people a year. To honor their loss, we’ve placed 40,000 flowers on the National Mall.

The Gun Violence Memorial is open for public viewing. We encourage you to visit, reflect, and urge your elected officials to take action.

National Mall
Washington DC
April 13 to 16, 2021


Stand with Gabby Giffords and join our efforts to make our country safer from gun violence. It takes all of us to fight fear and despair with courage and action.


Nearly 40,000 Americans die from gun violence each year. That’s 100 people every day whose hopes and dreams are stolen, their lives cut short by a bullet.

While mass shootings like the recent tragedies in Atlanta and Boulder capture the lion’s share of media and public attention, the vast majority of these preventable deaths don’t generate the national calls for action they should. 

In the wake of the House of Representatives passing lifesaving legislation to enact universal background checks, address the Charleston Loophole, and prevent abusive dating partners and stalkers from accessing guns, we’re sending a message to the Senate: enough is enough. Our country has done enough thinking and praying about this crisis—we need to end it. 

Giffords partnered with Doug Landry, the visual artist who created the COVID-19 flag memorial on the National Mall, to visualize the scale and scope of this crisis with a floral installation near the United States Capitol. The Gun Violence Memorial serves as a tribute to the many lives that have been lost to gun violence, a testament to the strength and courage of survivors, and a plea to our elected officials to pass universal background checks and other lifesaving gun safety legislation in the Senate

Our hope is that the Gun Violence Memorial keeps the gun violence crisis at the forefront of people’s minds and helps us sustain the momentum we need to make meaningful progress at the federal level for the first time in decades. Nearly every American will know a victim of gun violence at some point in their lifetime. This Gun Violence Memorial visualizes that reality in a bold and unique way that refuses to be overlooked or ignored. 


Add your name to dedicate a flower at the Gun Violence Memorial on the National Mall, and join Giffords in the fight to end gun violence.


Gun Violence Memorial Partners

Thank you to our dedicated partners for joining us in honoring the 40,000 lives lost to gun violence each year. We admire the lifesaving work you do day in, day out. 

EMIR Healing Center

Based in Philadelphia, EMIR Healing Center (Every Murder is Real) services and supports family members and friends who have been affected by homicide. Survivors of a violent death have to contend with a totally different set of circumstances than someone who has experienced a “natural” death. EMIR guides survivors through the many feelings they will experience and the legal ramifications that are inevitable. EMIR offers concrete, practical, and compassionate steps towards healing.

NOt My Generation

Not My Generation is committed to localized, intersectional gun violence prevention advocacy for young adults. It creates and convenes diverse, intersectional coalitions in partnership with young organizers in cities and communities across the country. The NMG National Team supports local coalitions across the country as they work to break down silos within the gun violence prevention movement and ensure that young, diverse individuals are represented and active in their community’s gun violence prevention organizing. 

Texas Council on Family Violence

The Texas Council on Family Violence (TCFV) is dedicated solely to creating safer communities and freedom from family violence. With a statewide reach and direct local impact, TCFV shapes public policy, equips service providers with essential tools and initiates strategic prevention efforts. Since 1978, they have been a nationally recognized leader in their efforts to end family violence.



The data is clear: states with stronger gun laws have less gun violence. See how your state compares in our annual ranking.

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