Press Release

Giffords Endorses 2017 Mayoral Candidates

October 31, 2017Giffords, the gun violence prevention organization founded by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and retired NASA astronaut Captain Mark Kelly, announced its endorsement today of three mayoral candidates in Seattle, Albuquerque, and Boston.

In Seattle, Giffords endorsed Jenny Durkan, a former US Attorney who has worked to make Washington communities safer from gun violence. As mayor, Jenny Durkan will make Seattle a leader in the fight against gun violence by using her experience as a prosecutor to challenge Washington’s pre-emption laws in the courts. In Albuquerque, Giffords endorsed Tim Keller, who has outlined a bold plan to combat gun violence in the city. Tim Keller’s opponent, Dan Lewis, has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association and opposes commonsense gun laws. Finally, Giffords endorsed incumbent Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, a gun safety champion who has fearlessly taken the issue of gun violence head-on.

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords:

Our nation’s mayors have an important role to play in combating gun violence and advancing solutions to make communities safer, and I believe Jenny Durkan, Tim Keller, and Marty Walsh are best qualified to lead the way on that life saving challenge. Last year, over 36,000 Americans were killed by guns. With far too many elected officials caught in the grip of the gun lobby at the federal level, it’s never been more important for state and local leaders to step up and lead the fight against gun violence. In the years ahead, I look forward to working alongside each of these committed, thoughtful public servants to make our country a better and safer place to live.”
17.10 SOC Endorsement_Durkan TW (2) “Our nation needs strong leaders like Jenny Durkan, who are not only supportive of gun safety measures, but are committed to setting an example–and a legal precedent–for the rest of the country. As mayor, I am confident that Jenny will continue to work tirelessly to make Seattle’s communities safer from gun violence.”
17.10 SOC Endorsement_Keller TW (2) “Our nation needs bold leaders like Tim Keller, who prioritize public safety instead of parroting the gun lobby’s talking points. Tim’s plan to combat gun violence includes supporting local, state, and federal regulations that target the trafficking of illegal guns. As mayor, Tim will be committed to building a safer Albuquerque by supporting solutions that reduce the escalating epidemic of gun violence.”
 17.10 SOC Endorsement_Walsh TW (1) (1) “Our nation needs courageous leaders like Mayor Marty Walsh, who is unafraid to stand up for what’s right, and listen to the people in their communities, now more than ever in this country. Over the past four years, Mayor Walsh has excelled in creating a safer Boston, and while I know there is more work to do, I am confident that he is the right person to continue this critical work. As a gun owner and someone who has suffered from gun violence, the strides that Mayor Walsh has taken to making gun safety a reality is encouraging.”

At all levels of government, Giffords backs candidates with the courage to reject the gun lobby, who are passionate about reducing gun violence, and who commit to taking action once elected. Giffords campaigns in key elections to elevate the issue of gun safety and builds gun violence prevention majorities from state houses all the way up to the United States Senate. Learn more about our 2017 endorsements here.