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Giffords Center for Violence Intervention Releases New Report on the Roles of Intermediary Organizations

Washington DC — Today, Giffords Center for Violence Intervention released a new report on the role of intermediaries in the community violence intervention field. 

Though community violence intervention (CVI) programs have existed for decades, the field has received a substantial influx of public and private dollars in recent years. Many small nonprofits and community-based organizations (CBOs) are trusted community resources well-suited to reach those at highest risk of committing or becoming a victim of gun violence, but they often lack the capacity to successfully apply for and manage a grant. Intermediary organizations can act as a pass-through agency for these small nonprofits to ensure the funding reaches those who need it most. 

Paul Carrillo, Vice President, Giffords Center for Violence Intervention: 

“Community violence intervention programs staffed by homegrown peacemakers are best positioned to know what their communities need most, however they frequently lack the staff or resources to pursue funding opportunities. It is critical that intermediary organizations continue to expand so we can help violence interrupters do what they do best: saving lives.”


  • Intermediary organizations can act as a resource for small nonprofits, establishing systems for data collection and reporting, supporting evaluations, providing training and technical assistance (TTA), and/or connecting CBOs with organizations that can provide these services, such as fiscal sponsors and TTA providers.
  • Intermediaries also allow funders to safely invest in small organizations that they may otherwise perceive as too risky to support. Intermediaries provide grantmakers with an added layer of security and transparency that allow them to make more effective and equitable investments in support of the communities most impacted by violence.
  • The federal government is beginning to recognize the important role of intermediary organizations in the CVI space. In 2022, the Office of Justice Programs awarded nearly $10 million through the Community Violence Intervention and Prevention Initiative to three intermediaries: Local Initiatives Support Corporation, Metropolitan Family Services, and the Latino Coalition for Community Leadership.


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