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Trump Just Vowed to Make America Less Safe—Again

Gun homicides increased by 34% during Trump’s term as president

Washington DC —GIFFORDS, the gun violence prevention organization founded by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, released a statement following former president Donald Trump’s refusal to endorse proven new gun laws during a town hall on CNN. 

Peter Ambler, GIFFORDS Executive Director:

“Gun murders skyrocketed during President Trump’s time in office and tonight he doubled down on his support for the gun lobby’s dangerous agenda. It’s clear to anyone who watches the news that our country can’t go on like this. Voters are crying out for leaders with the backbone to stand up to the gun lobby and keep us safe.

“This isn’t about politics or party. Neither Republicans nor Democrats want to worry about shootings when they send their kids to school or outside to play, let alone a theater, mall, or other crowded place. 

“This is not as hard as our politics often make it seem. Americans everywhere understand it’s possible to support gun rights while putting in place commonsense restrictions to keep public places safe. It’s time for leaders in the Republican Party to listen and catch up. Until then, the tragedies will not stop.”

Read GIFFORDS’s pre-town hall memo.


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