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GIFFORDS PAC Celebrates Gun Safety Majority in Virginia Senate

Virginia Senate must continue to speak out for gun safety

Washington DC — Today, GIFFORDS PAC, the gun violence prevention organization founded by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, celebrated maintaining the gun safety majority in the Virginia Senate. 

Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

“Voters in Virginia are rightly concerned about the plague of gun violence in their communities. They sent back many of the elected officials who have been and will continue to speak out for gun safety. I’m also so proud of our endorsed candidates, both returning and new, who will be a voice for the people in Richmond and work tirelessly to pass and protect gun safety laws. The Virginia Senate must continue to fight toward a safer, better future free of gun violence.”

Current GIFFORDS PAC Victories

While additional races remain uncalled, the following gun safety champions have been elected to serve their constituents across the Commonwealth:

  • Creigh Deeds (SD-11)
  • Lashrecse Aird (SD-13)
  • Lamont Bagby (SD-14)
  • Ghazala Hashmi (SD-15)
  • Schuyler VanValkenburg (SD-16)
  • Louise Lucas (SD-18)
  • Aaron Rouse (SD-22)
  • Mamie Locke (SD-23)
  • Jeremy McPike (SD-29)
  • Danica Roem (SD-30)
  • Russet Perry (SD-31)
  • Suhas Subramanyam (SD-32)
  • Jennifer Carroll Foy (SD-33)
  • Scott Surovell (SD-34)
  • Dave Marsden (SD-35)
  • Stella Pekarsky (SD-36)
  • Saddam Salim (SD-37)
  • Jennifer Boysko (SD-38)
  • Adam Ebbin (SD-39)
  • Barbara Favola (SD-40)

In such high-stake elections, GIFFORDS PAC urged Virginians to protect years of progress and elect candidates who would put their safety first. Earlier this fall, former Congresswoman Giffords joined several endorsed candidates at three voter outreach events in Virginia. Since its founding, GIFFORDS PAC has helped elect candidates who fulfill their promises and pass commonsense gun safety laws, including extreme risk protection orders and universal background checks.


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