The Gun Lobby’s Dangerous Agenda

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The Washington gun lobby has been selling a message of fear to the American public for years. And they have used their money to scare lawmakers into following along with their extreme agenda – all so gun manufacturers can make more money.

The gun lobby’s strategy is actually very straightforward: put profits over public safety. They do this by attacking the laws that are keeping us safe and by making it easier for more people to buy guns.

  • Make it Easier for Untrained People to Carry Concealed Weapons: The gun lobby’s top priority in 2017 is to pass a federal law mandating that each state recognize concealed carry permits from every other state. Standards for issuing permits to allow people to carry loaded, hidden guns in public are dangerously lax in many states – twelve states do not even require a permit to carry concealed firearms. This legislation forces states with strong gun laws to comply with weak laws from other states, endangering public safety, and making it significantly more difficult for police to enforce gun laws that are proven to save lives. We have debunked myths that the gun lobby uses to garner support for this dangerous proposal, here.
  • Deregulate Gun Silencers: The gun lobby is throwing its weight behind a bill to roll back a federal law that’s been on the books for over 80 years that prevents dangerous people from purchasing gun silencers. Silencers are used to reduce the sound of gunfire and mask muzzle flash. They make it difficult for people who are nearby – including law enforcement – to identify the sound of gunshots and locate an active shooter. This bill would ease regulations on silencers and make them more accessible to felons, domestic abusers, and people suffering from mental health issues.
  • End Gun Free School Zones: President Trump vowed to end gun-free school zones when he was on the campaign trail. For years, one of the gun lobby’s top priorities has been to pass laws that allow firearms inside K–12 schools and permit individuals to carry guns on campus. These irresponsible laws ignore the truth about gun violence and pose a clear, demonstrable danger to our students, teachers, and communities. Federal and state laws that prohibit guns at schools are vital to keeping children and educators safe. Guns have no place in our nation’s schools.
  • Risk Veterans’ Safety: The gun lobby supports a dangerous bill that would give America’s veterans easy access to firearms instead of the mental health support they so desperately need. The bill drastically undermines the Veterans Administration’s process of identifying veterans who are prohibited from gun ownership because they are struggling with conditions like long-term severe PTSD, schizophrenia, and dementia. Congress should guarantee that all veterans have access to world-class medical and mental health services instead of passing this irresponsible and dangerous legislation.