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We strive to shift the culture, change policies, and challenge injustice, all with respect for the Second Amendment. Our founders are gun owners, as are many of our members.

From Capitol Hill to city halls, we’re leading a groundswell of opposition to the gun lobby’s deadly agenda. We’ve built statewide bipartisan advisory coalitions, along with growing national alliances of women leaders, military veterans, and law enforcement officers—all of whom are fighting with to make communities safer.


Featured Experts

Featured Coalition Members

Charles H. Ramsey

former Philadelphia Police Commissioner
Giffords Law Enforcement Coalition

“During my 47-year career in law enforcement, I’ve seen how responsible, trained professionals can use firearms to save innocent lives, and what can happen when guns fall into the hands of dangerous people who want to inflict harm on our communities. I’m proud to join Congresswoman Giffords, Captain Kelly and my fellow law enforcement leaders in this important fight because we need more than just thoughts and prayers to protect our nation’s law enforcement officials and communities. We need common-sense, responsible solutions.”

— Charles H. Ramsey

Congresswoman Val Demings

Giffords Law Enforcement Coalition

“As a former police chief, and 27-year law enforcement veteran, I have seen the aftermath of gun violence: shattered lives, families, and dreams. It is time for our leaders in Washington to stand up to the gun lobby, stand with law enforcement and pass some responsible solutions that protect the rights of law-abiding Americans and keep guns out of the wrong hands. I want to thank the members of the Law Enforcement Coalition for Common Sense for their leadership, which will undoubtedly save lives and make our country safer. Working together, we can make a difference.”

— Congresswoman Val Demings

Rear Admiral Jamie Barnett

United States Navy (Ret.)
Giffords Veterans Coalition

“As a former Deputy Commander of the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command, I know that our Sailors had to be well versed in the use of firearms. I saw first hand the incredible power of firearms, and I know the precautions we taught to keep people safe. But I also know the dangers guns pose when they are in the hands of dangerous people. Making our communities safer from gun violence shouldn’t have to be a partisan idea – it’s just a commonsense idea. That’s why so many Americans – including veterans like me – support these policies. We’re standing together and demanding commonsense change because we have a responsibility to leave to our kids and grandkids a country that is safer from gun violence.”

— Rear Admiral Jamie Barnett