Our Victories

Group 2


Since 2013, Giffords has helped write, pass, and enact legislation that is reducing gun violence and saving lives. Against fierce opposition, we have helped to pass over 200 new strong gun laws in 45 states and Washington DC. We are also leading the fight against the gun lobby’s harmful agenda in Congress, and moving the needle to promote bipartisan solutions to gun violence in our communities. Among our many key achievements to date:

  • Building unprecedented influence in Congress, including organizing the first-ever congressional hearing on the connection between gun violence and domestic violence, passing increased funding for the background check system, and leading the fight against the gun lobby’s deadly agenda.
  • Passing universal background checks legislation in Colorado, Delaware, and Oregon following a comprehensive campaigns, including a digital campaign in Oregon that educated 800,000 people with key persuasive messages.
  • Passing four ballot initiatives in three states, including universal background checks in Washington and a new ammunition background check law in California.
  • Strengthening domestic violence laws in Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, New Jersey, Utah, and Virginia, among other states.
  • Passing the innovative Extreme Risk Protection Order policy in California, Washington, and Oregon. This allows family members to seek a court order to temporarily remove firearms from loved ones who may be experiencing a crisis. In many shootings and suicides with firearms, family members expressed concern their loved one may harm him or herself or others prior to any violence.
  • Holding the line against dangerous gun lobby bills in various states across the country, including the landmark defeat of a bill to repeal North Carolina’s lifesaving background check laws and blocking attempts by the gun lobby to eliminate Texas’ concealed carry permitting system.
  • Working with members of Congress on both sides of the aisle to secure their support for critical legislative solutions to our nation’s gun violence epidemic. This includes bipartisan support to establish a federal trafficking law, bipartisan support to close loopholes in our laws that allow domestic abusers to have access to firearms, and bipartisan language urging states to use federal funding to establish or expand hospital-based violence intervention programs.
  • Advising the Obama White House and securing key executive actions to narrow the loophole that lets prohibited individuals buy guns with no background check at gun shows.